About Me

Venture Your Mind is about my adventures as a writer entrepreneur. Join me as I share my experiences and opinions about the places I travel to and the people I meet.

20170705_173752_014_resizedHow it all started… I wrote fiction as a girl, absorbed in the adventures of my toys. When I got older, I studied history and began to incorporate my opinions about the human existence into my short story tales. I also began blogging in my adult years, partly because I needed a place to share my reflections on my everyday adventures and encounters with people.

What I like: sharing what I learn in a blog (it challenges me to get my facts straight when I write about health and career topics), pondering what I observe (human behaviour is sometimes hard to explain), and asking questions (I wonder if others see the world in the same way).

When I am not blogging or off to an adventure, then you will find me working on a writing project. I provide writing, editing, and marketing services as a consultant and mentor.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope some of my words make a difference in your day!



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