Romance and the Entrepreneur

It’s Valentine’s Day and  most have romance on their minds and in their hearts: roses, chocolate, jewelry, candlelight dinner, or a day with a special someone. That someone is usually a husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. But… what if you’re still looking for that significant other? Perhaps you could start with treasuring someone you’ve known for a long time. You.

That’s right. YOU.

In my time as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned one important lesson that can be applied to everyone – be the person you want to attract and that person will come into your life. Some of the most vital qualities for success as an entrepreneur works well for relationships too.

Project positivity

If you see life as a glass half full, then it will be full. When that type of mindset is what you live by, then people will be attracted to that strength. Everyone wants a partner in life who is their beacon of sunlight. And when you’re positive, you believe in what you can and will achieve. Great things happen because nothing will stop you from reaching your goals, and people appreciate a person of confidence.

Build a relationship of trust

It’s about getting to know the other person and making him or her your world every time you meet. Give them your attention. Ask good questions that tell you who that person is so you can get to really know them. Understand what motivates them in life. Let them see that you can add more to their life.

One thing I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur is… you’re committed. When you’re set to get something done, you will get it done despite the obstacles. In a relationship, that means we’re in it for the long haul. We make promises that we keep. And we avoid arguments. We agree to disagree. One strategy in business that works well for relationships too.

Adventure and vision

Entrepreneurs fit that work hard and play hard ideal. They will do what it takes to get to their goal. But that means they have a sense of adventure, to try new things and challenge themselves. They are used to getting uncomfortable. So a relationship with an entrepreneur will not be boring. Want some spontaneity? They will be up for it.

For Valentine’s Day, celebrate it with someone you cherish, but also think of yourself if you’re still looking for that significant other. How can you improve in yourself and be the person you want to attract and continue to be with?








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